Legislative Accomplishments



Senator Dela Cruz is pleased that his district schools and projects were the recipient of state funding for much needed repairs, maintenance, construction, and other critical needs, several for which senator was instrumental in obtaining funding.


FY 2011-12 and FY 2012-13:



  • $3,600,000 - State Packing and Processing Facility - for plans, land acquisition, design and construction to retrofit the facilities located on 24 acres of land in Whitmore Village to become an agricultural packing and processing facility for farmers in the region.
  • $750,000 - Galbraith Lands Irrigation System - for plans and design for an irrigation system to pump water from the North Fork of Kaukonahua Stream to the Galbraith lands to provide affordable long-term water suitable for agriculture for the entire property.


  • $28,324,000 - Hale Kula Elementary School (inc. federal funds) to upgrade and expand campus

                       facilities, improvements, equipment, reroof

  • $500,000 -      Helemano Elementary School for new library
  • $565,000 -      Helemano Elementary School - for Improvements in kitchen, reroof, playcourt,                          

                         plans for new library

  • $1,500,000 -    Iliahi Elementary School - for covered playcourt, equipment and site


  • $249,000 -     Iliahi Elementary School - for improvements to roof, sliding doors, network                                  infrastructure
  • $283,000 -      Kaala Elementary School - for electrical improvements, improvements in kitchen

                                         and to entry doors, network infrastructure

  • $787,000 -     Leilehua High School - for improvements to roofing , covered walkway, replace

                         exhaust fan

  • Portion of $15,000,000 - Leilehua and Mililani High Schools - for renovation and upgrade of

                         science facilities

  • $470,000 -      Mililani High School - for tennis parking lot and driveway resurfacing
  • $1,000,000 -    Mililani High School - for replacement and upgrade of fiber-optic network cabling
  • $3,015,000 -    Mililani High School - to reconstruct and resurface tennis courts, parking lot

                         and driveway, site improvements, upgrade athletic field facilities, additional


  • $150,000 -      Mililani Ike Elementary School - for repair and renovation of covered playcourt
  • $312,000 -       Mililani Ike Elementary School - for playground drainage improvements, repairs,

                         resurface cafeteria parking

  • $501,000 -      Mililani Mauka Elementary School - for covered walkways and improvements
  • $150,000 -      Mililani Mauka Elementary School - to repair skylights, replace exhaust fans,

                          repair bus shelter

  • $750,000 -      Mililani Middle School - to repair roofing for Buildings G & F
  • $501,000 -      Mililani Middle School - for covered outdoor court and improvements
  • $536,000 -      Mililani Middle School - for improvements to roof, gutters, replace exterior


  • $200,000 -       Solomon Elementary School - for heat and noise abatement ; install air

                         conditioning system

  • $210,000 -       Solomon Elementary School - to install acoustic wall and ceiling tile, widen


  • $271,000 -       Wahiawa Elementary School - for concrete repairs, improvements in library,

                         install walkway gutter, P-1 and P-2 sec scrns, network infrastructure

  • $994,000 -       Wahiawa Middle School - for reroofing, renovate girls shower, network


  • $50,000 -         Wahiawa Storefront School - for miscellaneous repairs                                                  
  • $295,000 -       Wheeler Elementary School - to renovate portable classroom, install sinks, reroof           
  • $535,000 -       Wheeler Intermediate School - reroofing, library improvements, install door





  • $2,000,000 -   Wahiawa District Court Facility - for a new permanent court facility in Wahiawa




  • $2,500,000 -   Wahiawa General Hospital - for modernization
  • $1,250,000 -   Wahiawa General Hospital - for modernization and expansion of emergency


  • $1,750,000 -   Wahiawa General Hospital - in grants for fiscal year 2012 and 2013 to conduct

                           much needed improvements to the facility




  • $150,000 -       Surfing the Nations - grant to help accomplish their mission of improving the


  • $288,060 -       ORI (Opportunities and Resources Inc.) - grant to help provide day activity

                           programs, residence and recreation to those with special need.




  • $400,000 -        Kamehameha Highway/Poamoho Stream Bridge - for land acquisition for

                           replacement of concrete bridge

  •                            Alternative Access and Traffic Mitigation Study from Mililani on to the H-2



TOTAL: $54,836,060

Committed to Growing the Economy and Creating Jobs


The State's economy needs a plan. Families and businesses continue to struggle. Businesses are still fearful to hire due to economic uncertainty. There needs to be a shift. Senator Dela Cruz maintains that the state needs to move away from the practice of government borrowing and spending its way out of problems. The State cannot keep going to the taxpayer to pay for all of these multimillions in improvements and maintenance. The debt cannot keep increasing to be passed on to future generations when the State has underutilized assets that can generate revenue.


Over the past two legislative sessions, Senator Dela Cruz worked with various agencies such as the Agribusiness Development Corporation in revitalizing the agricultural industry; the Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation to increase the inventory of affordable and workforce housing; and the Public Land Development corporation to seek and engage public-private partnerships. He also met with groups such as the Entrepreneurs Organization and Young Leaders to discuss diversifying our economy by creating the opportunities for businesses to startup or relocate here. In addition, Senator Dela Cruz continues to meet with community residents in creating a regional economic revitalization plan.


Working with his colleagues, Senator Dela Cruz introduced and supported legislation that would:


  • Spur public-private partnerships in public housing facilities;
  • Remove some of the red-tape which burdened the process and limited opportunities for economic development on the state’s underutilized assets; and
  • Increase the bond ceiling for affordable housing projects which will not only increase the inventory of housing but get Hawaii's unemployed back to work.


Senator Dela Cruz stated that the state is in an era where concerns of the economy should be less about new development, but more about the performance, improvement, and opportunity of the existing developed environment.

Committed to Hawaii's Environment and Local Agriculture


Senator Dela Cruz believes that the State must make a solid commitment to ensure that native forests and agricultural lands will be around for now and for generations to come. Understanding the important role that native forests play in the State’s water resources and economy, Senator made it one of his top priorities to generate and direct funding towards the preservation of these irreplaceable resources.    


As the Chair of the Senate Committee on Water, Land, & Housing, Senator Dela Cruz was instrumental in ensuring that $2.5 million for the watershed initiative was allocated, to be expended on projects that include invasive species removal, construction and ongoing maintenance of fences, control of other forest threats, and restoration.


Senator Dela Cruz introduced Senate Bill 2378, which was passed, which requires any State agencies, counties, or non-profit land conservation organizations seeking funding through the Legacy Land Conservation Fund to acquire property, to provide a conservation or agricultural easement on the property acquired.


A notable land acquisition is the purchase of 1,723 acres of the Galbraith Estate, which will be under the management of the Agribusiness Development Corporation (ADC) that plans to place local farmers on the land. Senator Dela Cruz was instrumental in having $3.6 million allocated to ADC for FY12-13 to acquire and retrofit the Dole facilities located in Whitmore Village to become a modern agriculture processing and distribution hub for the region.


Further, Senator Dela Cruz had the sum of $750,000 for the plan and design phase included in the budget to set up the necessary infrastructure for a cost efficient water delivery system utilizing Lake Wilson as the primary irrigation source for agriculture on the Galbraith land. Senator's proposed project aims to provide an additional water source to the property thus, giving farmers greater access to water thereby increasing their production, reducing the cost of water and preserving drinking water, which at times reaches critical levels due to drought conditions which prevail occasionally.

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